Monday, August 1, 2011

Winter Cove, Saturna Island

Well here we are at Winter Cove, Saturna Island visiting our good friends Pat and Barb Ropars on our first stop along the voyage. Farewell Rendezvous is tomorrow and the weather is perfect for the week-end. Pat has kindly provided us moorage at the Winter CoveYacht Club which is much appreciated by first mate Georgie for his daily perambulations.  Barb, it turns out is also an O'Neill from Ireland and thus a distant relative of Cathryn! After a delicious steak dinner we were off to visit our Bluewater Cruiser friends who were just arriving for the festivities. We enjoyed a gourmet potluck dinner at the park, and then 'The Farewell the the Fleet' with the ever-eloquent Boudewijn MC-ing the event, and blessing the 37  'Leavers' with their goodie bags as they head off on their adventures.  Later we dingy'd about to visit old friends and new, and exchange last minute words of wisdom, and general goodwill wishes along the way. Daragh and I would like to thank all the Bluewater folks for your support and encouragement, and most of all for welcoming us into the fold. Without you, we wouldn't be setting out this day to live out our dream. Happy sailing til we meet again from Chantey. 

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