Friday, August 12, 2011

Astoria and the mighty Columbia River

Today, Tuesday, we crossed the infamous Columbia Bar,(Astoria, Oregon). As luck would have it the weather was clear and sunny with light winds as we timed our entry for low slack. The river current is VERY strong here, where the Columbia enters the sea, and can be one of the most dangerous in North America in poor conditions. As we crossed an enormous tanker came up from behind going 12 knots and honked loudly for us to move over! We entered under the arched bridge of Astoria and breathed a sigh of relief at a successful crossing. The harbour was peaceful and inviting after all that, and we spent the next day meandering through the town. After a satisfying luncheon at the Wet Dog Cafe, chosen by Georgie, we took the tram car to the Maritime Museum. The exhibits were excellent, with a fascinating history of the notorious Columbia River Bar and those unfortunate and brave lads who gave it the title `Graveyard of the Pacific`. The river marks the end of the Lewis and Clarke Trail which was the early route across America along the river. Tomorrow we plan our departure and the next in a series of bars, the Tillamook-Garibaldi and Newport, Oregon. 

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  1. I ate at the Wet Dog Cafe when I was in Oregon last summer. They had an excellent selection of beers - I hope you got a chance to sample some!

    Miss you lots,