Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ohau to Kauai

Tropical Storm Darby did drop by Waikiki so we delayed departure to Kauai by 2 days. This allowed a little moe socializing at Hawaii and Waikiki Yacht Clubs and a visit to the Sunday music session at Dukes. A fierce squall hit while we were there and flooded the stage which had to be abandoned. We sought refuge in the grandeur of the nearby Moana Surfrider Hotel and waited for the torrential downpour to end. The water was up to the doors on cars on the taxi ride home. 
Next morning we were thrilled to see our RVYC Vic-Maui competitor Westerly on the HYC docks. We dinghied over for a visit and Lance and Clay gave us a tour and highlights of their record breaking race. We finished the provisioning with the fruit and veg run  and were under way for Kauai by noon. We stopped for fuel at the Ko Olina marina and carried on the overnighter to Hanalei Bay. By following closely behind TC Darby we got a rare south wind to start with. It reverted to the usual easterly trade winds by next morning which carried us all the way. 
Hanalei Bay is as beautiful as advertised and we anchored in the crystal clear water. This was ideal for our next task which was to dive and clean the hull in readiness for the big trip home. Thanks Gerry! Next we dinghied ashore and found dinner at the Calypso Grill in this delightful little town.
We went back again next morning with plans to rent a car for the day but alas none were available. We resorted to touring the East coast down to Lihue by bus which turned out to be just as good - and a lot cheaper! We discovered another Dukes on the water in Lihue and the Happy Hour was up to their usual high standard complete with a live band. It was a full day and the light was fading as we launched back into the surf from the beach. Next stop....Victoria!

At 8/11/2016 6:38 AM (utc) our position was 46°27.63'N 147°07.63'W

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