Monday, April 11, 2016

Isla Carmen, Loreto, Puerto Escondido

Bill and Michelle, SV Adagio 

A lumpy overnighter was in store as we crossed the Sea of Cortez to Isla Carmen. The brilliant spectacle of the burnt umber desert mountains, against the azure blue sea over white sand, glowed around us as we entered the bay. Anchored nearby were our new friends Bill and Michelle on power vessel Adagio. They invited us to go snorkeling on an old 120 ft. submerged wreck. We watched in awe as scores of multi-coloured fish darted in and out of the bones of the shipwreck. Afterwards we went ashore to check out an abandoned salt flats and processing camp. The crumbling buildings stood sentinel over another time; a rusted out child's wagon and bulldozer, a half-caved in medical office. Bill and Michelle invited us back to Adagio later for a yummy prawn supper with poblano sauce. The end of a perfect day on the sea. Off to Puerto Escondido in the morning, we shall miss our new-found companions.....till we meet again, Fair Winds!
Isla Carmen

     Puerto Escondido is a hurricane hole so many cruisers hang out here as they sail the Sea of Cortez. This is prime cruising ground with the painted desert cliffs towering above clear blue-green waters and pink and white sand. Tied to the mooring ball behind us was SV Full and Bye from Victoria, BC. We spent several days with old cruiser pals Anne and Dick touring the darling village of Loreto and catching up on past voyages, before making our way towards La Paz. The white slip of crescent beach of Bahia San Francisco awaited us. A sublime place where time stands still against the crimson hills and lapping waters.
Dick and Anne, SV Full and Bye

Loreto street view

Loreto mission

Steinbeck's Canyon

San Francisco Bay

          "A painted cup of crimson dew,
            holds a flower just for you,
            Scarlett, pink and orange, too,
            Evening hides them from our view."

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