Monday, February 8, 2016


 At last the weather god's are smiling on us and we were able to set sail northbound for Puerto Madeira, Chiapas Marina, Mexico. After a breezy double-overnight we tucked in to wait for a reprieve from the dreaded Tehuantepeque, a wicked wind that whips through the narrow isthmus of Central America. A few days later we crossed the now-becalmed gulf to arrive at Huatulco, and the little pleasant village of La Crucecita. Fifty miles out and miles from nowhere I was sitting in the cockpit at seven a.m. when suddenly a panga appeared and two smiling pescadores peered up at me. "Agua por  favour? " The usual request was of course for water. We gave them some water, a couple of beers and a snack for lunch and they went blissfully on their way, to where we shall never know?
Shark Fishing in the Tehuantepeque

   At the marina our friendly neighbours popped their heads out of SV Misty Michael, a formidable steel and aluminum power boat out of Vancouver, BC. Chris and Gerry kindly offered to give us the grand tour of the area in their car. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular along a series of nine scalloped beaches.

    Back to the boat for the never-ending list of repairs...Daragh ordered a new set of solar panels for the radar arch in preparation for the long Clipper Route via Hawaii. Otherwise they are certain to run out of power (what, no cold cervesas!)After the usual commotion and problems getting materials we are now power efficient for the first time on the trip! Next stop Acapulco.
Gerry and Chris and Goof, SV Misty Michael

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