Friday, June 7, 2013

New York, New York

Times Square

New York, New York!

     The Big Apple in all its' splendor appeared on the horizon. The coach bus deposited us on the corner of 42nd St. near Union Square and we wandered out into the frenzied bustle of humanity. After 2 years of the serenity of Chantey V it was a minor culture shock to say the least. We descended into the dark bowels of the city and located the subway station, and the glazed-over stares of New Yorkers plodding to work. The ethnic diversity here is fascinating. A Jewish Rabi sits beside a burqua-draped Muslim. Hip Asian students jostle between swank society ladies and sari-clad Indians. Waves of Ellis Island immigrant descendants appear to live in relative harmony, all united in their pride of this great city. 

Central Park

  At Ground Zero, the site of the horrific events of 9-11, there are now two Memory Pools, marking the dimensions of the Twin Towers that collapsed on that fateful day. As the water flows over the names of over 3000 people who lost their lives here, one reflects on such a tragic loss of life and the need to discover that which connects rather than divides us. It was a solemn moment. 

The Freedom Tower

      Afterwards we visited The Tenement Museum in Little Italy, and followed the path of an Irish immigrant family who immigrated to New York in the 1850's. At that time twenty five percent of the city's population was Irish. Local shop signs at the time read…"Help Wanted, No Irish need apply!"
The next day began with a bike ride through Central Park with Kim's boyfriend Jay. As the sun glistened through the trees and row boats bobbed on the lake, we happened upon John Lennon's memorial….


9-11 Memorial
             'Imagine all the people, living life in peace?
              You may say I'm a dreamer,
              But I'm not the only one,
              Perhaps one day you'll join us,
              And the world will live as one."

The Happy Couple
    Our final day in New York was spent at the very fashionable wedding of Lindsey and Stefano. Daragh's daughter Kim was a very glamorous Maid of Honour in champagne satin and coifed chignon.The flower girls were adorable little puffy bundles of pink cherry blossoms. After a delectable dinner and dancing atop the Sheraton, with the lights of the Manhattan skyline before us, we prepared for the long bus trip home to Chantey V and to plan for our last major destination, Washington, DC. 

Jay, Kim and Jennifer

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