Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

     A rather turbulent double-overnighter brought us up the Yucatan Channel, skirting the glitzy megalopolis of Cancun, and into the tranquility of beautiful Isla Mujeres. The Spanish descended on this uninhabited isle in 1517, and found a Mayan temple laden with statues of the goddess Ixchel and her maidens, hence the name "Island of Women'. This is one of those good Karma places that makes one contemplate signing off on the American Dream and heading south.While the island is mainly based on tourism, sailors from all over the world converge here at this strategic spot in the Caribbean.
      It was Carnaval when we arrived and the days were filled with parades and festivals marking the beginning of Lent. The locals; children, adults, grandmas and even month old babies were out until the wee hours, dressed in all their feathers and finery, singing, dancing and enjoying the spectacle. Calypso music fills the air and life is sweet! 

      We finally caught up with our very good cruising buddies starting from way back in El Salvador, Rick and Rosanna on SV Tension Reliever, looking notably stress free after a month on Isla (as the cruisers call it). We spent a day together, taking the ferry over to nearby Cancun, comparing notes and sharing tales of our travels up the Caribbean coastline. 
Mariachi players


   As we prepare to set off for Cuba, our old pal Turlough will join us for the typically blustery crossing. It will be difficult to leave this island paradise so soon. It appears to have it all: clear aqua-marine waters, warm winds, delicious food, and happy, smiling families. Of course, it is after all the Island of Women.  We regret that we must be off, but Fidel is waiting!

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  1. Looks like you are still loving this cruising life. So glad for you. Miss having you here on the Mexican west coast with us, but are still planning on making the trek ourselves next year.
    We'll be passing through the northwest next summer, so expect to hear from us then. Would love to reconnect with you.

    John & Nicki