Saturday, January 26, 2013

Placencia, Belize

Placid Placencia
   Inching our way up the coast amid a maze of shallows and treacherous coral reefs, we ducked in to the beautiful village of Placencia, Belize. It's a lazy beach town, filled with brightly coloured shacks and people, and hums with life as tourists amble down the wooden boardwalks and the local Creole's, Mayans and American expats mingle in the bars. The sound of steel drums and rasta music wafts through the air. We are told the first cruise ship ever is sitting in the harbour nearby, and this sleepy village is already showing signs of 'progress'.           

Banana Palms

    We met up with Suzanne and her daughter Deanne from Victoria, who have been holidaying here for several weeks. They were kind enough to lend us their bikes so we cycled inland several miles to the tiny settlement of Siene Bight. In the cool evening we joined them, with our good cruiser friends Norm and Linda on Ariel, for a spicy bowl of Creole Snook Gumbo and curry rice at Omar's Place and tunes at Barefoot Bar. Ya Mon' ! Getting into the Caribbean groove. 
Yolie's Place
Creative marketing

    Now we sit hunkered down behind a small mangrove cay waiting for the winds to drop in hopes of reaching Cay Calker in northern Belize. I spy the lobster man paddling this way in his rustic dug out canoe!

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