Monday, November 28, 2011

La Paz, City Of Peace

...and a serene oasis from the bustling world it is. After so much traveling we are taking an interlude to relax and do a few boat repairs before crossing the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. I am making mosquito nets at the moment to fend off the hoards awaiting us. The weather has been idylic here; not too hot, cool breezes and mild evenings. We are spending our days cycling the windey streets and the bay along the Malecon, and visiting fellow cruisers. La Paz is a big city with a small town feel to it. The street vendors sell trinkets,and the outdoor markets hum with the sales of anything from tomales to pigs feet. Our next port of call is Espiritu Santo Island, a small uninhabited island north of La Paz.
   We hauled our dingy up on the beach of the tranquil bay of San Gabriel with the clearest azure water and purest white sand we have ever seen, and sunbathed until that currrent bun dropped behind the barren hills. Noting another sailboat in the anchorage, flying the blue and orange burgie of the Bluewater Cruisers, we went over to pay our respects. It turned out to be fellow cruisers, from Squamish, Geraldine and John, and brother Michael and wife Breda from Ireland.Being kindred spirits and Irish to boot, out popped the guitars and flute, and a celtic jam session was on! Next morning we bade "farewell and full jerry cans" to Sea Reach, and plotted our course for Los Muertes,our departure point to cross the Sea to Mazatlan.
The Two Amigos, and the Pequino Perro hit Mazatlan!
    The seas were agitated from the "Norther" that had been blowing the last few days and a four foot chop off the quarter made for a lumpy ride across the Sea of Cortez, and 34 hour overnighter to Mazatlan. As we neared the entrance to the El Cid harbour the depth sounder began to drop rapidly...20ft. 14ft.,8ft., 5ft.! With the breakwater only a stones throw away we made the split-second decision to reverse, and not a moment too soon. Apparently their dredger had broken down recently and consequently the channel depth was out by over 5ft! After recovering our wits we settled for the sleepy, but charming Old Mazatlan harbour 6 miles down the coast, and took ourselves out for a well-deserved dinner and bevvy in the Old Town. Here in the tree lined Plaza Machado, the old Spanish architecture has been refurbished, painted in bright primary colours,and adorned with decorative wrought iron balconies. Such a pleasure to watch the families and sweethearts strolling hand in hand, and eating gelatos and fresh fruit, as the Mariachi's play.Tomorrow we will join the Gringos and Canadianos for a good old hometown Grey Cup Game!    

Miles From Nowhere
Think I'll take my time,
Oh ya, to reach there.
Look up at the mountain,
I have to climb,
Oh ya, to reach there.
Lord my body,
has been a good friend,
But I won't need it,
When I reach the end.
Miles from nowhere,
Not a soul in sight,
Oh ya, but it's alright.
Cat Stevens

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