Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cedros Island and Turtle Bay

Cedros Island, Mexico
                   We anchored outside the harbour of the tiny fishing village of Cedros Island just before dusk, after 50 hours of motor/sailing. Cedros is known for its salt refining plant, exporting 'sal' to all parts of the globe. Being that Daragh's company, Mainroad is a major customer , we hired a taxi to take us over to see it. Our driver introduced us to the agent-manager Alam Flores, and although we had no business cards handy, his trusty 'Mainroad' ball cap did the trick! Our tour guide Alissa took us on a tour through mountains of salt, and we left with many 'muchos gracias' all round. The people seem to have much spirit. We envied their comraderie where folks smile and laugh alot, and the inevitable Marachi music fills the air. Buenos Noches, Cedros!

Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay)
                          An envigorating downwind sail brought us into scenic Turtle Bay. While the turtles have long departed, the town prevails. At first impression one sees only a desert-like landscape, comparable to the surface of the moon. Almost no greenery of any description, and dust-covered lanes. However, on closer inspection we met Pedro, and Enrique, resident unofficial tour guide, and gas dock attendant/restauranteur, who escorted us, for a 'propino`, of course, to the local Vera Cruz restaurant, where we ordered a simple meal of beans and tortillas. Then we set out to find, Ruben, the mobile fuel guy to pay him for his service. After trudging over a desolate terrain,we finally spotted his boat at a nearby beach. Rueben invited us into his lovely hand-built casa of post and beam and glass panelled walls looking out to sea. He introduced his delightful family and we shared cervezas, as we watched the Baja HaHa boats drift in. Back at the main beach we had our first experience with riding the breakers in our dinghy out of the bay. A real white-knuckle experience but one that we managed to survive in one piece. We crossed ourselves, took a deep breath and plunged into the outgoing surge! Safely tucked back into Chantey once more, it`s all in a day in the life of a cruiser!


  1. So still trying to post a comment..
    Korean Mamie Doll

  2. Hi Daragh and Cathryn, That was some amount of sailing! Brilliant! I Trust yourselves and Georgie have had time to recover!!Have recommended your blog to quite a few people, including mother!!We are all enjoying it.Keep up the great work! Godspeed to you all! Love, Colin

  3. "'Mainroad' ball cap did the trick!" IMPERSONATING A WORKING MAN! Careful, you don't want to get too close to that. Bad habits are good to break. Sounds like your still having fun.

  4. Hi Cathryn,Great Blog.
    I'm listening to Lyle Lovatt's ,"If I Had A Boat"
    The pony would be Hor Hay,I guess.
    What a trip this is.I think of you,while delivering the mail to people with boats in their driveways! Cheers Sandy

  5. please upload your last position i keep an eye on you guys every day and nothing for the last 6 days. hope all is well ,today is march 24 2012
    proud of you guys
    pat and barb
    saturna island

    1. Hi Pat and Barb, Thanks for the follow up! We took an inland trip to Antigua in Guatemala and no one on the boat to do SPOT position reports! Back again on board and all is well. We may bring the SPOT with us next time. I hope you guys are keeping well and seeing the start of Springtime!